Tuesday, 14 April 2015

PROJECT 365: DAYS 96 - 102

Day 96: Making monsters for the upcoming Ship Shape craft fair.

Day 97: New phone case with added owl charm that I was given as a gift last year.

Day 98: This adorable eBay find arrived in the post.

Day 99: We completed some interview questions about Midgins' for the craft fair. I'll let you know when it's published on the Ship Shape blog!

Day 100: Owls waiting to be stuffed.

Day 101: Coming across old birthday cards :)

Day 102: George made this mock up of our adorable wedding invitation design. All will be revealed once we eventually finish them..

It's all go at the moment, with our first ever craft fair coming up in May and planning for the wedding. There's never enough time in the day..
I've got loads of blog post ideas in my head too, but being the busy bee that I am, you'll have to bear with me on those!
Hope you have a brilliant week :)

Amy x

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