Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Hello! It's been a long time hasn't it? Too long in fact. Just to let you know, this blog is moving across to WordPress and will now be:

If you aren't already following on bloglovin' I would highly recommend you to do so, if you would like to continue seeing updates from me and find out what I've been up to the last few months!

The new site is still undergoing some maintenance, so bear with me while I work on making it perfect. See you there! 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

PROJECT 365: DAYS 159 - 172

Day 159: The familiar dilemma of choosing a nail colour.
Day 160: This paisley skirt from Asos (via eBay) arrived in the post.
Day 161: Naughty (but extremely delicious) cupcake that my mum baked.
Day 162: Working on the wedding invites.

Day 163: The start of a week of dog sitting for George's parents.

Day 164: Walking the pooch along Clevedon seafront.

Day 165: Our initials on the invite covers :)

Day 166: More walkies on the most beautiful, sunny day.

Day 167: Strolling through the woods.

Day 168: Lots more pine cones in preparation for the wedding.
Day 169: Pooch in the window.
Day 170: Lovely moroccan backpack I found on eBay!
Day 171: George's pretty new guitar.

Day 172: Yep, still making those invites..

So I decided to change things up a bit and combined the last two weeks of photos into one big Project 365 post. This was mostly due to the fact I was very behind on posting the first week and decided to wait, but I'm kind of liking this new format. What do you think?

I hope you've had a fantastic couple of weeks!

Amy x

Monday, 15 June 2015


I'm posting this a lot later than I had originally anticipated, with Father's Day being just a few short days away, but decided to wrap it up and hit publish last minute anyway. So here's a very brief look into some of my Etsy favourites which might make the perfect gift for your Dad. If it's too late for you, I hope you'll come across something appropriate for another upcoming occasion, or at least discover a new Etsy shop to add to your own favourites!

Herringbone Bow Tie by Bartek Design

Bartek Design has a huge range of lovely bow ties. I'm sure I'll be getting one for my own Dad, not for Father's Day, but for my wedding day!

The Woodsman & Grumpy Pygmy Bear by Pygmy Cloud

I have followed this shop for a long time and absolutely love their creations. I think these two in particular would make cute Father's Day gifts.

Chimpanzee Art Print & Horned Owl Art Print by Berkley Illustration

Berkley Illustration is a recent discovery for me which I very quickly fell in love with. They have a massive amount of beautifully illustrated prints to browse through, so I'd recommend taking a look!

Father's Day Card by Mudsplash Studios

If you don't fancy splashing out too much, then a simple card will do the trick. This design in particular was my favourite. I really enjoy the style of art from Mudsplash Studios. They have a couple of other Father's Day designs to choose from too.

Sven the Corduroy Sloth by Midgins'

Of course, a gift ideas post isn't complete without an appearance from my own Etsy shop. For Father's Day, I thought a rather well dressed sloth would do the perfect job.

I hoped this little collection has peaked your interest. What's in your Etsy favourites at the moment?

Amy x

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

PROJECT 365: DAYS 152 - 158

Day 152: Rain, rain, go away..

Day 153: My brother requested an owl for his birthday.

Day 154: Cake!

Day 155: Trying on wedding rings :)

Day 156: Chopping up our wedding invitations.

Day 157: Daisies and buttercups.

Day 158: We went on an afternoon stroll and George just had to have a funny five minutes in the park..

This was a pretty great week full of birthday cake, wedding preparations and a BBQ. The weather has also been glorious (yippee!), and I had my hair freshly coloured and trimmed at the weekend. Lovely jubbly :)

Amy x

Monday, 8 June 2015


ASOS & Missguided

I can't believe it has been almost a whole YEAR since I've done a wishlist post! Lately I've been finding bits and pieces for my summer wardrobe on eBay and ASOS (post on that coming soon), now that it's finally getting warmer in the UK. Of course there are plenty more lovely things that I've been wishing I could purchase recently, so I thought I would share some of my favourite items with you.

Stud Detail Sandals - £18 Missguided
Fenton Gladiator Sandals - £18 ASOS
Foss Lace Up Sandals - £25 ASOS

Festival Halter Playsuit - £25 ASOS
Playsuit with Lace Up Front - £25 ASOS

Elephant Swing Dress - £18 Missguided
Check Print Plunge Playsuit - £25 Missguided

Classic Round Sunglasses - £12 ASOS
Floppy Hat - £15 Missguided
Gingham Rucksack - £25 Missguided
Leaves Tattoo Choker - £6 ASOS

What's on your summer wishlist? :)

Amy x

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

PROJECT 365: DAYS 145 - 151

Day 145: Finished making this little chap for an Etsy customer.

Day 146: Cute packaging details.

Day 147: Leaving work and the sun is still peeking through the clouds.

Day 148: Some wedding invitation supplies arrived in the post.

Day 149: New summer purchases from work.

Day 150: Stocked up on cards (I have a lot of birthdays coming up!) and particularly liked this one :)

Day 151: Snacking out of adorable lunch boxes from Paperchase.

Amy x