Tuesday, 31 March 2015

PROJECT 365: DAYS 82 - 88

Day 82: I upgraded to the Galaxy S5 and was terribly excited about it..

Day 83: Matte black nails and stitching away on a new design.

Day 84: Walkies with Ozzie and making roses.

Day 85: Sneak peek. Still some tweaking to do before it'll be ready to release!

Day 86: Cute new washi tape for our packaging.

Day 87: A typical Saturday night with my chums.

Day 88: Working on stock for the Ship Shape Craft Fair!

Well I had an enjoyable week off work, making progress with new designs, wedding planning and snapping up a place at the Ship Shape Craft Fair in Bristol. Going back to work on Wednesday will be a bit of a downer, seeing as I have lots to be getting on with at home. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks though, making lots and lots of products and preparing for our first ever craft fair.

Let me know if you'll be coming along in May or if you have any advice on selling at craft fairs. Hope you have a productive week!

Amy x

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