Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Making: a banner/ logo for my shop.
Looking: at beautiful wedding rings on etsy.
Listening: to the pigeons outside my window.
Watching: Game of Thrones, finally!
Reading: Cider with Rosie.
Liking: being outside more.
Eating: BBQ food at the weekend. Mmmm..
Drinking: lots of water.
Wearing: dresses without tights. Summer is definitely here!
Wanting: a puppy.
Needing: to organise my sewing space.
Enjoying: the sunshine.
Bookmarking: furniture and storage for our office.
Trying: to make the most of my time.
Thinking: of honeymoon destinations.
Wondering: what this blog might look like a year from now.
Wishing: I'll be able to work from home full time someday.
Loving: the beautiful barn we visited at the weekend for our wedding.

Inspiration for this post from The Daybook.

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