Sunday, 1 June 2014


I decided to start doing a monthly round up of things I've purchased/ won on ebay, since I'm kind of addicted. Here goes:

1. ASOS Fox Smock Dress: I was chuffed when I scooped up this adorable smock for less than £10! I first saw it over on Keiko Lynn's blog and instantly fell in love, but it was sold out in my size on asos. There are only a couple of sizes left so go and take a look!

2. Levi Shorts: I'm currently on the hunt for levi's in time for summer since I recently sold all of my shorts. I've lost some weight since I left university, so at the moment I can count on one hand the amount of shorts AND jeans I have left that actually fit me. Not that this is a bad thing at all ;) I now have a perfectly good excuse to update my wardrobe! I won this gorgeous pair of burgundy levi's for a measly £5, so I can't wait to find some more in other colours.

3. Japanese Polka Dot Corduroy: I've spent a lot of time searching for fabric lately since I'm really getting my head into starting a little business. This polka dot needlecord is exactly what I needed and it comes in so many beautiful colours. I bought half metres in case I didn't like it, but I'm certain I'll be buying lots more! 

4. Wooden Buttons: I've actually been using these buttons for a while now but was paying far too much for them at my local fabric shop. I came across the exact same ones on ebay a couple of weeks ago at a fraction of the price, so of course I stocked up on them pretty sharpish.

5. Wooden Toggles: As I was searching for wooden buttons I stumbled upon these tiny little toggles, which I thought would be perfect for my ukulele cushions. I love how they turned out so I will definitely be buying some more.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at the things I've found on ebay recently. Do any of you shop on ebay? Have you found any bargains lately?

Amy x

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  1. That dress is divine!

    nadine ~ xx