Friday, 15 June 2012

Ally Capellino One

Our trade stand

Womenswear: Me (in first 4 photos)
Other garments on display by Lucy Flint and Ceirwen Williams
Menswear: Nick Edwards
Studio photography: William Green

I'm back! It suddenly came to my attention that I haven't blogged in two months.. oops. 
My second year of university is finally over so I thought I'd share a few photos of this last project, for which all the hard work paid off in the end..
We basically had a group project which involved creating our own sub brand and unique print design for Ally Capellino, and my group 'Ally Capellino One' scooped up two awards! Best Design was awarded by Ally herself and the Entrepreneurship award was for our work on the business side of things. It was actually a really enjoyable project, aside from all the stress, so I hope you all like what we came up with. The playsuit and cape in the photos were designed and made by me :)

Now that I've finished for summer I hope to get back into blog mode so expect more posts from me (and hopefully a more exciting layout..)

P.s. Stuff for sale on my Ebay right here and more to be listed soon.


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  3. I love your blog. Definitely following now! Stay in touch and stop by my new blog! xx

  4. I love the dress, has a cute 60s feel to it, you are very talented :)

    Brooke ox