Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Semester One

I'm not even going to bother apologising for my lack of posts lately. I'm a terrible blogger, I know..
I recently moved back to Newport for my third and final year as a fashion design student and the work is rapidly piling up. It's a scary but exciting time and I'm looking forward to the huge sigh of relief at the end of it all. I will probably be posting photos of my work as it progresses but as usual, blogging will generally be kept to a minimum while I work my socks off.
I will leave you with these photos from my new flat. Me and my friend Lucy decided to get our own place this year after two years of living in halls (which were an absolute nightmare).. but we love our cosy new home! :)


  1. your place looks wonderful :) I love the little details like the button love heart xx

  2. Cute House!! Your flatmate Lucy must be really cool... ;)

  3. Your place looks so cute you've made it so unique I love it!

    I know how it feels to think you're a terrible blogger, I myself have felt that way too. But I think people understand that we have a life outside of the Internet lol.

    Goodluck with your final year! I'm actually on my final year too as a fashion marketing student! It feels good to be able to relate to someone...

  4. Really lovely pics :)