Wednesday, 13 May 2015

PROJECT 365: DAYS 124 - 130

 Day 124: Cushions stuffed and waiting to be sewn up.

Day 125: Testing George's carpentry skills with these wooden platforms he put together for the craft fair.

Day 126: New summery colours.

Day 127: Organising the order book.

Day 128: Practising table layouts on the floor, and a preview of the finished logo embroidery.

Day 129: Taking more product photos while we've got the extra stock (and sunlight!)

Day 130: All set up at our very first craft fair.

Pretty much back on track with my project 365 post this week. This one was largely taken up by craft fair prep photos but hopefully you enjoyed having a peek at our little journey.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Amy x

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  1. Great work! You are doing great. Pretty aand perfrctly finished collections!