Tuesday, 28 April 2015

PROJECT 365: DAYS 110 - 116

Day 110: Enjoying a bowl of muesli with blueberries and pecans for breakfast.

Day 111: This little playsuit, which I found on eBay, arrived in the post and it's the sweetest thing.

Day 112: An evening of hand stitching fox noses into place.

Day 113: Finishing up the fox cushions.

Day 114: Beautiful blue skies.

Day 115: Bit of a cheeky one for my "photo" of the day but this was what I posted on instagram after our interview for the Ship Shape Craft Fair was published. You can read it here or here :)

Day 116: George made a plum and blueberry crumble. Yummy delicious.

Hope you had a lovely, sunshine filled week!

Amy x

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