Sunday, 12 October 2014


* My new camera has made me pretty damn happy recently. Myself and George actually bought it a couple of weeks ago now, but I've got a tonne of use out of it already. We invested in one so that I could get the quality photos I need for my Etsy shop (which will be launching very soon, eek!) and it also means I can get back into blogging mode and take some 'proper' outfit photos! I was so fed up of using my camera phone, which is actually about the same quality as my little old Sony Cybershot, so it feels amazing to finally have the upgrade I've been longing for!

* The arrival of autumn is super exciting to me. It's been slowly drawing in this week and I'm loving being able to wear jumpers again. Knitwear is pretty much my favourite thing about this time of year and I find it so much easier to dress and feel comfortable in the colder months than in summer. There's also the most beautiful tree outside my flat, covered in bright red leaves, which I may just have to take a photo of the next time I pop to the shops. Autumn is just the best.

* It's pretty much essential to buy a new coat at this time of year right? ;) I found the cutest wool coat on eBay this week for a bargain price of £9! (sneak peek above). It's from Zara but I have no idea how old it is. It's pretty adorable and has a vintage feel, which I love. I'll be sharing more photos of it later in the week.

* Here in England we don't really make a huge fuss over Halloween, but this year my friends and I are getting together every week to watch horror movies, in what we're calling 'Shocktober'. It's just a fun excuse to hang out together, have some nibbles and drinks, and get a little scared. Friend time always make me happy :)

What has made you happy this week?

Amy x

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