Monday, 19 May 2014


Tube trousers / Asos
Jumper / Superdry
Nica satchel / Ebay

Don't worry, I haven't been sweating it out in a jumper these last few days. These photos were actually taken  a couple of weeks ago, before the sudden heatwave we've been having. Unfortunately I haven't really been out and about to enjoy the weather, since I've mostly been at home working on products for my etsy store, so I held on to these photos so I would at least have something to post! Hopefully I'll be able to get some more summery outfits shot next weekend. I'm also excited for a couple of ebay bargains I've recently scooped up, which i'll be wearing the second they arrive..
Back to the above outfit, I am obsessed with these trousers from asos. They are incredibly comfortable and surprisingly easy to wear. I love to pair them with something simple like a jumper, oversized tee or crop top. Plus any outfit is instantly made better with a touch of leopard print, right? ;)

Amy x


  1. You're so pretty and I like your hair :D
    Can we follow each other? :D

  2. Your leopard print trousers are awesome! I can never get enough leopard print. Your sweater looks so nice and comfy too. Really great casual look!