Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Pinspiration #4

Things I've recently pinned.

1. Casual. Stripes + denim + converse. I could wear this everyday. 

2. Converse. I love a cute dress with colourful converse. Makes me want to collect them in as many colours as possible..

3. Bikini. I am in need of a new bikini and this one is just perfect.

4. Decor. I wish my bedroom looked like this..

5. Prints. This might be a kids room, but I'd have all those prints/ cushions in my own house. Too cute.

6. Biscuits. Time to start baking!

7. Socktopuses. I am in love with these! Definitely tempted to make my own, but I may not have any socks left when I'm done.

8. Tiny rabbit. It's a cute little rabbit, so of course I pinned it.

9. Crochet. I need to learn to do this..

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Amy x


  1. aww, such cute stuff.
    I love the bikini top & bedroom. ^^


  2. love everything! so lovely! :)
    Anyway, i hope you can join my on-going international giveaway because I would love it if you'll win! :) http://raellarina.blogspot.com/2013/07/international-birthday-giveaway-with.html