Tuesday, 24 March 2015

PROJECT 365: DAYS 75 - 81

Day 75: Brass buttons for our next creation..

Day 76: Pigeons outside our window.

Day 77: Did a bit of pattern drafting in the evening after work.

Day 78: George spotted these trousers in a charity shop window. They're an almost perfect match for our "country check" fabric, which is no longer available in the shop we bought it from, and were only £1! The bow is made from the original fabric, so you can see just how good a match they are.

Day 79: New spring/ summer clothes from work.

Day 80: We found these oddly shaped pine cones when we were in Dartmoor and have been drying them out at home. They're very delicate and flaky compared to the rest of our stash!

Day 81: Cutting fabric.

Hope you all had a brilliant week. I now have a week off work so I'm hoping it will be a productive one. Lots of Etsy creations and wedding planning to be getting on with!

Amy x

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