Tuesday, 27 January 2015

PROJECT 365: DAYS 19 - 25

Day 19: Freshly painted nails. I used Barry M Cardamom.

Day 20: Sneak peek of a new design in the making.

Day 21: I went back to work after having a week and a half off.. but came home to some lovely suede samples in the post.

Day 22: Coming home from work and getting straight into my pyjamas and microwavable slippers. This is pretty much how most of my evenings look and I'm fine with that ;)

Day 23: Friday night spent lounging on the sofa with a couple of my favourite beverages.

Day 24: Went to see my chum perform in this years pantomime.

Day 25: Meet Sven, the prototype sloth.

I'm super happy with the majority of this weeks photos. I'm trying to use my nice camera everyday, but sometimes I end up taking a quick snap on my phone for convenience. Days 23 and 24 were a bit of a let down from not having much time and the rubbish phone quality, but I'm still just chuffed that I've managed to keep up with taking daily photos so far!

Amy x

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